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No one can argue that Apples iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod*) are very popular - with the general public and developers alike. iOS offers the developer community a standardised platform without the fragmentation of the android platform. This site will concentrate on iOS games and makes no apology. We will, however, mention that there are android versions available.

This site will keep adding missions from all of the highlighted games, giving you a point of reference when trying to complete those more difficult missions. In the future, it is hoped to add a users' page so you can show your flying skills and mission solutions to the community at large.

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The views on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of the developers of the featured software. The developers have knowledge of the site; however, this is not an officially sanctioned site. We fully recognise the intellectual property of any features and will credit the proprietors accordingly.
*When referring to the iPod we mean iPod touch